into Next-Generation Digital Ecosystems

We enable your enterprise to leverage technology and automated business processes in order to establish a dynamic, omnichannel, interconnected and reliable interaction between your customers, partners and merchants.

Grapevine is Here to Bring You into the Digital Era

For most of the world’s retailers, directories and service organizations what was working before is not anymore.
In order to better serve customers, improve workflow efficiency, drive revenue and get ahead of the competition, you need to embrace digital transformation. Turn your business into an ecosystem platform and put it in the position to win more business.


For the Retailer

  • Complement both physical and online commerce of products with offering relevant services
  • Track and analyze comprehensive data flowing through the business and use it to create new products and services

For the Directory

  • Go beyond simply providing information to your customers by additionally offering, managing and fulfilling requests for services both via your teleagents and online
  • Monetize your real estate via digital transactions and advertising affiliations

For the Service Organisation

  • Extend the reach of your manual operations and local services offered by opening new digital channels
  • Enable and manage your digital transactions via bringing together services with products and technology with automated operations

For the Payment Operator

  • Gain access to new customers via becoming the last mile of the customer digital journey in the retailer, directory or service organization ecosystems
  • Go beyond simply delivering payment services to new merchants by offering extra services such as merchant financing, security and fraud protection

You can count on Grapevine to make it happen

Unleash the full potential of your business by growing into a digital ecosystem


Transform your product

Evolve from multiple technology solutions to an end-to-end ecosystem integration, with a full-scale digital product offering:

  • Value-add services from smart search to booking and payment
  • Workflow automation
  • Integration with third-party APIs
  • Real-time reporting and data analytics
  • Built-in CRM and CMS

Optimize your operations

Reengineer your traditional business processes into automated operations to remain relevant and competitive:

  • Matchmaking mechanisms to align demand with supply
  • Continuous process improvement to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Data-backed customer centric approach
  • Built-in Customer Support functionality

Engage your customers

Provide value-add services and impactful omnichannel experience to better engage your customers:

  • Multiple touchpoints from physical location staff interaction to live chat, notifications and newsletters
  • Loyalty and reward schemes
  • Ratings and review mechanisms
  • Leverage of actionable data to better understand customer needs

Monetize your data

Leverage your data and integrate it into your business strategy, so that you can monetize it and drive efficiencies:

  • Use data to improve sales performance, marketing campaigns effectiveness and reduce customer attrition
  • Embed data into decision making  to improve customer value and improve operations
  • Produce and share customer insights from data collected through platform

Multiply and maximize your revenue streams

Drive business growth through the digitalization of your services and operations:

  • Expand your current revenue streams into a range of monetizable digital transactions
  • Create new revenue streams by offering value-add services on top of your products
  • Generate extra revenue from data monetization and the exploitation of your digital real estate via advertising partnerships 

Become your industry's next-generation Digital Ecosystem

As digital technologies continue developing and gaining adoption, they start enabling new ways of organising how business value is created.
Digital transformation is becoming a mandate for your business, implying its transition from physical location and/or portal to digital operations,
then to a digital platform and finally to the creation of a digital ecosystem.