Grapevine Business & Technology Solution

We offer 4 interdependent modules, built-in customization options and integrations to create the perfect solution for your enterprise.



1. Technology that improves customer experience

  • Progressive Web App Technology – PWA
  • User interface & User experience Design – UI/UX
  • Smart Search with Auto-Suggester and Filtering
  • SEO architecture & standards
  • Real-time chat

2. Technology that leverages new revenue streams

  • Booking functionalities for online services
  • Workflow Management System – WMS
  • Integrations with third-party providers (i.e. payments)

3. Technology that improves operational performance

  • Built-in Content Management System – CMS
  • Built-in Customer Relationship Management – CRM
  • Cloud Infrastructure Support


1. Handling the Operations

  • Supply network & Customer Support centre development
  • Demand & Supply automatic matchmaking
  • Workflow management system – WMS
  • Sales and customer support digital processes
  • Full ratings and reviews system
  • Conversion of customers’ feedback into actionable insights

2. Training & Monitoring the operators

  • Training of suppliers to the digital processes
  • Monitoring supplier’s performance (responsiveness, reviews etc.) with real time data
  • Training of customer support agents to the new workflow management system
  • Monitoring of agent’s performance (responsiveness, completions, reviews etc)


1. Growth Audit, Strategy & Planning

  • Identification of Product / Customer fit
  • Demand & Supply matching
  • Creation of a data-informed growth strategy
  • Design of an operational growth plan

2. Growth Execution

  • Performance Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Conversion Rate & Funnel Optimisation
  • Content creation & distribution (Blog, Social Media etc.)

Data & Reporting

1. Data Audit & Reporting for Business purposes

  • Auditing of Operations & Marketing reports
  • KPIs analysis
  • Creation of automated, real-time reporting
  • Cross-functional KPIs and Business Intelligence Tools

2. Data Audit & Manipulation for Smart Search purposes

  • Data Analytics (descriptive, predictive, prescriptive)
  • Data Architecture (hierarchies, attributes & categorisation)
  • AI and Machine Learning techniques

Grapevine Digital Ecosystem Solution tailor-made to your business needs

Managed Operations Solution

Let Grapevine handle your Operations while you focus on what matters – your business:

  • End-to-end outsourcing of your business operations
  • Keeping you informed with automated notifications of critical information
  • Guarantee for world-class customer satisfaction
  • Maintain control and visibility over your data
  • Scaling services to easily handle peak demands
  • Reduce your costs and complexity by freeing up internal resources to focus on the business

Turn-Key Solution

It’s not just Software. With Grapevine, you get the systems, integrations, support and expertise to run your operations, leverage your data and drive your business growth:

  • End-to-end implementation, and migration services that guarantee your ability to quickly execute business strategies
  • Rapid integration of internal systems and applications
  • High-level guidance to ensure supplier network development, merchant partners onboarding and customer support centre setup
  • Training on your terms
  • 24/7 support and systems maintenance
  • License Keys applicable to each GBTS module

We’re here to help you.

Leverage Grapevine experts to help you find the right solution for your business needs. Whether you are looking to eliminate your business operational hassle, integrate value-add services to your platform, consolidate your systems, or you are ready to transform your business into a digital ecosystem, Grapevine has you covered.